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The Mariposa introduces a unique detachable glass lid for comfortable pouring and thorough cleaning.

Instantly recognisable for it’s traditional feel, our Mariposa Mason Jar takes inspiration from vintage swing-top jars, used in the 60s for preserving home cooked food and boasts an elegant design for timeless usage. Mariposa’s ability to combine a lightweight design with the robustness of a perfect vacuum is a phenomena we at Pearl call the “Butterfly effect”.

The Pearl Mason Jar series features a vintage design as a real reusable jar, measuring indicators and space for your label.

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  • Components – Mariposa Mason Jar, Pearl Seal with nose, steel wire, glass cap
  • Comes in a 4 piece tray
  • BPA & Silicone Free
  • Food Safe
  • FDA and EU regulations approved, suitable for contact with clear, aqueous, acidic and alcoholic contents (alcohol content max. 95% volume).


  • Not suitable for carbonated ingredients
  • For the vacuum inspection regularly check for a tight seal of the closures. Open the lock of the wire and make sure that the glass lid is tightly connected to the glass jar
  • Clean the jars before using
  • Steel and glass components are dishwasher safe
  • Store Pearl Seals in a dark and dry environment at room temperature
  • Before reusing the Pearl Seals, sterilise them for 2-3 minutes in boiling water
  • Max. thermal shock of 42°C – Be careful with pouring hot and cold liquids



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